Inclusive Church

Becoming an Inclusive Church

St. Paul's want to include everybody in church and not discriminiate on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, dis/ability, race, ethinicity, sexual orientation, age, martial status, nationality, or class.

In order to make sure that we include everybody in church, we are following the 'INCLUSIVE' strategy, which is pictured below. If you want to know more about inclusive church, have ideas, or want to be involved, please contact Eve or Lea after a service, or email us at or 

Picture of inclusive church strategy, which says: Inquiry, “What is inclusive church?”; Navigating, “How could we achieve greater inclusion?”; Connecting, “What do people think and feel about inclusion?”; Listening, “What have people said and do we need any clarification?”; Understanding, “What does this mean and how might we respond?”; Serving, Doing something about the issues raised;  Inviting, Asking people to come along/be involved in inclusion activities or changes; Visibility, Sharing what we’ve learned and what we’re doing; Evaluating/evolving, valuating/evolving – “what went well? what could be improved?”.