...Your new parish priests have now arrived!  We were formally welcomed to the Church and to Withington at the beginning of April and we look forward to meeting you all soon.  

In the meantime, here is a brief introduction about ourselves.  

We first met when we were at college in Nottingham whilst we were training for ordination. Hils had worked as a Dietitian in Leicestershire, supporting children and young people. Mike had had a long career with Manchester City Council, working in housing and urban regeneration. Mike was ordained in 2014 and Hils the following year.

We were married in 2015 and our little boy came along last July.

We have both completed curacies in Manchester: Mike’s at Brunswick Church in Ardwick and Hils with the Victoria Avenue Mission Partnership in North Manchester. Although our curacy experiences were very different, we enjoyed our parish training and learnt a lot from it. Since October 2017, Mike has been working as a chaplain at Wythenshawe Hospital whilst Hils finished her curacy and maternity leave.

Since we got married, we have been exploring the possibility of working together as ordained ministers. We applied for the post at St Paul’s on a job-share basis as we feel that we have complimentary gifts and skills that can support the church at St Paul’s and the wider Withington area. We were drawn to the post because of your desire to be a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone can experience God’s love and grow in faith and belonging.

In her spare time, Hils enjoys being creative with music, fabric and food (although not all at the same time!). Mike enjoys nature and is looking forward to getting his gardening gloves on at our new home. Our little boy is 9 months old and is full of cheeky giggles and chuckles! We have a little naughty cat called Cleo and she and our baby are good friends.

We’re really looking forward to joining you in April and will value your prayers as we settle into our new roles and our new home.

Mike and Hils Corcoran




Esther Platt 


What is a churchwarden?

The role of churchwarden dates back well over 500 years. It is concerned with the upkeep of   the church buildings and the churchyard, and with the maintenance of good order within them.

In practice this can mean anything from drawing up rotas for the making of tea or the mowing of grass to checking the wiring, keeping official records or, more seriously, ensuring that public worship proceeds undisturbed and the church grounds are kept as a place of peace for all members of the community.

Nowadays we act in most cases on behalf of the Parochial Church Council (PCC), but nevertheless it is our duty to be the Bishop’s officers ‘on site’. To help us we have a number of deputy wardens who look after particular areas such as finance, building repairs, choir leadership, front-of-house services during worship, etc.

Under the leadership of the Rector, together with the Treasurer, the Verger and the Secretary of the PCC, we form a kind of ‘senior management team’. Like all good modern management we try to remain in constant touch with the action at the ‘grassroots’, facilitating the work of the ministry team on the one hand and the members of the congregation on the other. We all look to serve one another and join together to pursue the church’s mission.

Many people don’t realise that churchwardens are responsible to the whole parish, in other words the whole local community. And St Paul’s seeks to be an inclusive organisation. So whether you are a regular worshipper, an enquirer, a casual visitor, a supporter, a user of our amenities such as the Hall… whatever the level of your personal commitment, we hope you will not be shy of approaching us and communicating your ideas where appropriate. We can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can rely on a friendly response!

Our contact details are here