St. Paul's Choral Scholarships

The Choir offers many opportunities to develop musical abilities and interests. The scholarship offers tuition in singing and general musicianship. The first year of the scholarship provides a solid grounding in Choral and Solo performance. The choral scholars spend dedicated time together to develop as a “unit”. Working together as a “unit” will encourage the scholars' skills of working as a team and supporting each other. Each scholar is also trained in solo performance. The art of solo performance uses similar techniques and general musicianship skills as ensemble work, but opens new world of interpretation to the performer. The Choral Scholars are a major part of the St Paul’s Choir and sing with the choir in the liturgical setting of Sunday Eucharists, Evensongs, Concerts and Cathedral Visits. As well as singing with the Choir, the choral scholars will also perform on their own at specific services or concerts. If you are interested in the choral scholarship programme, please contact the Director of Music for an application pack.

St. Paul's Organ Scholarship

Please contact the Director of Music for more information about our Organ Scholarships.